Logic Device Engineer / Data Scientist
Intel Corporation, Hillsboro OR

Specializations : Semiconductor device (transistor) development, III-nitride semiconductor growth and devices, Carrier transport physics

Emails :
rchaudhuri [at] cornell [dot] edu
chaudhuri [dot] reet [at] gmail [dot] com

Full CV [pdf]; 1 page Resume [pdf]

Full Publications :
Google Scholar, LinkedIn, ORCID

Book : Integrated Electronics on Aluminum Nitride : Materials and Devices, Springer Nature. [Link]


I am a Logic Device Engineer in Technology Development at Intel, where I use semiconductor device physics for developing next-generation transistors to keep Moore’s Law alive.

I earned my Ph.D. in 2021 from Cornell University USA under the guidance of Prof Debdeep Jena, specializing in III-nitride semiconductor material and RF device physics. Working at the intersection of solid-state physics, electronics and materials science, my doctoral research work laid the foundation for integrated high-frequency electronics on the ultra-wide bandgap aluminum nitride (AlN) platform. My scientific discovery of the long-missing undoped mobile holes in gallium nitride in 2019 led to new insights into wide bandgap semiconductor physics, and enabled record high speed transistors crucial for future, energy-efficient electronics. 

I have co-authored 25+ peer-reviewed journal articles, 20+ conference presentations, 8 invited talks and 4 patents during the course of my PhD. I have also co-founded an early-stage start-up Soctera Inc. aiming to commercialize my research on aluminium-nitride (AlN) based high-power RF transistors.  

Before joining Cornell, I got my Bachelor of Technology degree from NIT Tiruchirapalli in Electronics, and worked at Nvidia an ASIC Design Engineer in India. I also have a Masters in Applied Physics from Cornell University.

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