Postdoctoral Associate,
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Specialization : Semiconductor device development, III-nitride semiconductor physics, epitaxial growth

Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Office : Duffield Hall 358

Email : rtc77 [at] cornell [dot] edu

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I am currently a post-doctoral associate in Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Cornell University, in the lab of Prof. Debdeep Jena and Prof Huili Grace Xing. I recently earned my Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Jena, working on enabling integrated RF electronics on the AlN platform through careful material growth and electronic device development.

I use careful heterostructure design and crystal growths to make high-performance electron- and hole-channel transistors on AlN. A major highlight has been my discovery of the long-missing undoped GaN/AlN 2D holes, which enabled the p-channel III-nitride transistors to break the GHz-speed barrier.

I have co-authored 20+ peer-reviewed journal articles, 20+ conference presentations, 6 invited talks and 4 patents during the course of my PhD. I also co-founded an early-stage start-up Soctera Inc. to commercialize my research on aluminium-nitride (AlN) based high-power RF transistors, performing extensive customer discovery and securing small-business funding from the National Science Foundation.

My broader research interests include :

  • Development of novel electronic and optoelectronic devices by

  • Epitaxial growth of semiconductor heterostructures, mainly using Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), and

  • Understanding the physics of carrier transport and their effect on the electronic devices.

Before joining Cornell, I got my Bachelor of Technology degree from NIT Tiruchirapalli in Electronics, and worked at Nvidia an ASIC Design Engineer in India. I earned my Masters in Applied Physics from Cornell University, advised by Prof. Robert Thorne.

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