Device Engineer
Intel Corporation, Hillsboro OR

Specialization : Semiconductor device (transistor) development, III-nitride semiconductor growth and devices

Emails :
reet [dot] chaudhuri [at] intel [dot] com
rchaudhuri [at] cornell [dot] edu
chaudhuri [dot] reet [at] gmail [dot] com

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I am a Device Engineer in Technology Development Group at Intel.

I earned my Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering under the guidance of Prof. Debdeep Jena at Cornell University, working on enabling integrated RF electronics on the AlN platform through careful material growth and electronic device development.

I use careful heterostructure design and crystal growths to make high-performance electron- and hole-channel transistors on AlN. A major highlight has been my discovery of the long-missing undoped GaN/AlN 2D holes, which enabled the p-channel III-nitride transistors to break the GHz-speed barrier.

I have co-authored 20+ peer-reviewed journal articles, 20+ conference presentations, 6 invited talks and 4 patents during the course of my PhD. I also co-founded an early-stage start-up Soctera Inc. to commercialize my research on aluminium-nitride (AlN) based high-power RF transistors, performing extensive customer discovery and securing small-business funding from the National Science Foundation.

My broader research interests include :

  • Development of novel electronic devices by

  • Epitaxial growth of semiconductor heterostructures, mainly using Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), and

  • Understanding the underlying device physics of carrier transport and their effect on the electronic devices.

Before joining Cornell, I got my Bachelor of Technology degree from NIT Tiruchirapalli in Electronics, and worked at Nvidia an ASIC Design Engineer in India. I earned my Masters in Applied Physics from Cornell University, advised by Prof. Robert Thorne.

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